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Corporate Carbon Footprint for Poldanor

  • There are various reasons for the creation of a company-related carbon footprint. More and more companies select their suppliers on the basis of CO2 emissions or offer incentive programs, for which the establishment is rewarded accordingly. Furthermore, the "corporate footprint" forms the basis for certification as a climate-neutral company and facilitates the participation in international initiatives for the publication and/or recording of CO2 emissions.

    Basic facts

    Project locationPoland
    Main services
    • Certification of corporate carbon footprint
    • Verification of corporate carbon footprint
    Involved regulations/standardsISO 14067

    Initial situation and requirements

    Detection of energy-intensive areas of production.

    Solutions, results

    Due to the positive image and the strength of its brand, TÜV Rheinland has been selected to certify  Poldanor as a "climate-neutral company" with the creation of the "corporate carbon footprint" (CFP). In the climate debate, carbon footprint is established as a measure of the environmental impact and is an important point in a holistic environmental assessment. It measures all greenhouse gases which accumulate along the value chain within your company.

  • Our experts identified and analyzed emission drivers together with those responsible at Poldanor and identified reduction potentials. The two-old benefit: on the one hand, costs can be saved through the reduction of CO2 emissions; and on the other hand, Poldanor now has strong arguments in competition against less climate-friendly companies.

    Benefits for the client

    With the support of TÜV Rheinland in determining its corporate carbon footprints, Poldanor:

    • Increased the transparency of all processes and identified the "emission hot spots".
    • Identified the energy efficiency potential of the company.
    • Obtained a high-profile marketing tool.

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