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Ecodesign for Heat Generators

  • The Ecodesign Directive should achieve improved energy efficiency and overall environmental performance of energy-related products. The features of the devices are communicated through the energy label in a sales-effective manner towards the final consumer. For manufacturers, uncertainty frequently exists, however, when dealing with the directives.

    Basic facts

    ClientManufacturers of heat generators
    Timeframesince 2013
    Project locationGermany and Italy
    Main services
    • Energy relevant Products (ErP) assistance
    • Exhibition of internationally valid certificates and audit reports
    • Completion of EC type-examination certificates
    • Independent validation of efficiencies and emission limits
    • Initial tests for the purposes of the Construction Products  Regulation (CPR) as well as project support
    • Certification, for example, by Ecodesign Directive
    • Licensing procedure
    • Evaluation of global market access
    • Independent production inspections
    • Production monitoring in the context of the Pressure Equipment and Gas Appliances Directives and the Construction Products Regulation
    • Assessment of tap profiles
    • Evaluation of so-called “packages”
    • Assessment of the supply of heat and stand-by losses
    Involved regulations/standards
    • Delegated regulation (EU) Nr. 811/2013; 812/2013; 813/2013; 814/2013
    • Ecodesign Directive (Lot 1 und Lot 2)

    Initial situation and requirements

    Manufacturers of heat generators have to report their energy consumption / energy efficiency as part of the Ecodesign Directive (via energy label). 

  • In doing so, they document whether it is a product of the efficiency class A, B or others. Desirable is Class A or even better. For this purpose, the devices must be further or newly developed.

    Solutions, results

    TÜV Rheinland has been selected for these types of inspections based on the basis of their know-how and the existence of appropriate inspection facilities. The respective customers have the goal to be a pioneer in their field in the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive.

    Benefits for the client

    With the support of TÜV Rheinland in Ecodesign the geat generators for the manufacturers:

    • Increase in the energy efficiency of all affected energy-using products.
    • Conservation of other resources through more effective production and disposal.
    • Improving the sustainability of the products by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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