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Extensive Inspection Services for Nuclear Power Plant

  • Following the opening of the Lungmen nuclear power plant belonging to the Taiwanese group AREA Energy, Inc., Taiwan Power Company required a wide spectrum of inspection services, to be conducted by an Authorized Nuclear Inspector. That is why they turned to TÜV Rheinland.

    Basic facts

    Client Area Energy Inc.
    Other company involved Taiwan Power Company (Taipower)
    Timeframe Since January 2009
    Project location Gongliao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
    Main services
    • Welding procedures qualification and weld testing
    • Review of documentation and reports
    • Plant inspection
    Involved regulations/standards ASME Code

    Initial situation and requirements

    With over 20 years experience in the nuclear power industry, Area Energy, Inc. is a nuclear power plant EPC provider and one of seven subsidiaries of the AREA GROUP in Taiwan. The construction project of the Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant (also called Fourth Nuclear Power Plant) in the rural district of Gongliao Township near Keelung, in the north of Taiwan, which began in 1999, was expected to be completed by the end of 2004. However, interruptions  by Taiwan’s government caused significant delays.

    Taipower needed a reliable Authorized Nuclear Inspection company to conduct comprehensive inspection services on the plant’s site before its scheduled launch in 2015.

    About TÜV Rheinland

    Founded more than 140 years ago, TÜV Rheinland is a global leader in independent inspection services, ensuring quality and safety for people, the environment and technology in nearly all aspects of life.

    We inspect technical equipment, products and services, oversee projects and help to shape processes for companies around the world. Since 2006, we have been a member of the United Nations Global Compact to promote sustainability and combat corruption.

  • We offer extensive energy sector experience, providing specialized solutions for all types of power plants –conventional, renewable and nuclear - from the early stages of authorization and construction all the way through to operation and decommissioning.

    Solutions, results

    Six Authorized Nuclear Inspectors at TÜV Rheinland were appointed to complete the plant inspection services. First, to check the safety and reliability of the pressure equipment and material in the power plant, we conducted on-site inspection of the standard welding procedures according to the specifications of the Welding Procedure Committee, the ASME Code and other applicable welding codes. Our experts also verified the fit-up procedures and conducted a series of testing services such as hydrostatic tests.

    Then we reviewed several documents and reports such as quality control plans of the nuclear plant, NDE and non-conformity reports, as well as diverse records and material identification documentation. The aim was to verify the reliability of the reports and confirm that the plant was properly documented. Finally, we conducted a series of inspections and verifications at selected points of the nuclear power plant to ensure general quality and safety on site.

    Benefits for the client

    TÜV Rheinland supported AREA Energy, Inc. and Taipower by providing:

    Did you know

    At the beginning of 2013, the Taiwan government proposed a referendum to allow the Taiwanese to decide the fate of the plant. The opposition rejected this proposition.

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