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Fossil & Nuclear / 13. September

Power Plants Underway in South Africa

Gigantic concrete columns and steel structures protrude into the steel-blue sky surrounded by an army of cranes; on the ground the heavy construction vehicles look like toys. Kusile is a project of superlatives. In the province of Mpumalanga in the northeast of South Africa, one of the largest coal-fired power plants in the world is currently being built – and TÜV Rheinland is right in the middle. "A lot of our skills are in demand. We are involved with project managers, design verification engineers, certified pressure vessel inspectors and specialists in welds and non-destructive testing," explains Chris Mbere, who heads the overall project.

Forty pressure vessel and plant engineering experts on the job

Our customer is building the very critical boiler units for the power company, which has also engaged our testing services for the construction of another coal power plant  - Medupi. As the approved inspection authority, we have been working with more than 40 inspectors in Kusile and Medupi for several years. Colleagues from Germany are also involved: As notified body, the team under Rolf Schlösser, Departmental Head of Sales for Pressure Vessels and Plant Engineering, has taken over the design verification of the pressure vessels supplied by one of the leading companies for these kinds of power plants.

Largest contract for certified pressurized equipment inspection

For TÜV Rheinland in South Africa, the power plant projects are particularly special. "This is the largest ever single contract for us," says Dr. Shanmuga Sundaram, who is responsible for our business in South Africa. Our colleagues’ work will not be over anytime soon with the two mammoth projects aiming for completion in 2020 and 2021 respectively. South Africans and their economy suffer from repeated power outages. With a combined 9.600 megawatts, the two power plants should help alleviate the country's big energy problems. "More power plants will be needed in the interim. With our experience, we are well-positioned for these future projects," says Chris Mbere confidently.

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Power Plants Underway in South Africa

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