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Power Plant Testing in Taiwan

TÜV Rheinland Taiwan Ltd. has signed two independent verification contracts with the largest refinery operator in Taiwan, a state-owned company. Both projects are provided by the Asset Integrity Management Department of Greater China. In July, the Kaohsiung city government in Taiwan awarded TÜV Rheinland its official designation as a third-party verifier for the Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS). The grant of verifier status is owed in part to strong support from the company’s pipeline technology division in Germany.

Pipeline integrity management system for Taiwanese oil company

The first project aims to verify the PIMS at refineries and oil depots. The client contracted TÜV Rheinland starting in August 2016 to help fulfill the city government’s new requirements for industrial pipeline regulations. The scope of the project encompasses underground pipelines connecting three refineries, a harbor-side oil terminal and several downstream petrochemical plants. The first step is to review the pipeline integrity management plan, risk assessment reports and pipeline integrity assessments such as In-Line Inspection (ILI), hydrostatic pressure tests, and direct examinations of cathodic protection, among other applicable tests. Every step of the PIMS implementation will be evaluated according to pipeline standard API RP 1160 or ASME B31.8S and reported to the safety authorities.

Independent verification services of root cause failure analysis

For the second project, our client has instructed us to deliver independent verification services for two naphtha cracking plants. During the past two years, seven unscheduled plant shutdowns by compressor system caused cracking gases to discharge into the flare systems. The ensuing smoke emissions worried local residents and attracted the attention of environmental protection authorities. Both central government and local government have since requested independent verification of the Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) results along with an in-depth study of the events and improved solutions.

TÜV Rheinland has dispatched a team of five experts with strong expertise in PHA (Process Hazard Analysis) and RCM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability). They conducted a Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and a HazOp study in cooperation with the client’s managers and specialists, which turned up 866 potential failure-causes within the compressors and steam turbine systems. Based on these failure-modes, they defined consequences and countermeasures for existing protection systems. In the upcoming months, our colleagues will review and verify operational trends and system reliabilities on a weekly basis until the end of 2016.

The new projects for the Taiwanese company add to our global AIM team’s experience and strengthen our market position in Taiwan. Further pipeline projects are expected to follow as cooperation deepens between pipeline experts in Germany and the Greater China region.

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