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Smart Energy / 02. November

TR Assesses Goodwe Smart Energy System

Goodwe introduced its latest Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) to a selected audience of respected professionals in Suzhou. The revolutionary system is the first Goodwe integrated energy management system to combine the device, communication, information and communication layers. As the singular strategic partner from the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) industry, TÜV Rheinland will provide Goodwe technical evaluation and testing for the new system.

Smart energy system to provide up to date technologies

TÜV Rheinland was proud to witness this important event and to lead the “Energy Internet and Smart Energy Management” dialogue with industry experts including top executives from Trina Solar, Envision, GCL, Redback Technologies and Goodwe’s JV of Australia.

Wei-Chun Li, General Manager of Solar/Fossil Fuelcell Technology Greater China, was honored to be guest of honor and to chair the discussions in which he shared his point of view. “We need to look at the internet of energy from different perspectives. Depending upon the actual application, the global, panoramic and all-around internet must be taken into consideration. He continued, “The smart home, smart microgrid system, smart city and smart grid represent typical examples of decentralized and distributed energy applications, the styles of which depend on the business models in use.”

Regardless of types, the use of clean energy as well as energy storage capabilities will help to improve overall efficiency, flexibility and environmental friendliness. Information technology and big data management systems allow for the smart use of clean energy. The smart energy internet has linked power generation, transmission and distribution with energy trading and end usage. This facilitates the orderly and effective flow of information and energy between the source, the network, the load and storage to once again reshape the entire energy value system.

To obtain more information about our services regarding testing, inspection and certification of smart home and smart grid technologies, please contact our experts.

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TR Assesses Goodwe Smart Energy System

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