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Power Battery Pack Services for New Energy Vehicles

  • As one of the key components of electric vehicles (EVs), the power battery pack system plays an important role, accounting for a large proportion of the overall vehicle costs. Its performance, stability and safety are critical to the development of EVs. Many domestic carmakers have made considerable investments in the independent R&D of EVs. However, a large gap remains between these firms and their leading international counterparts in terms of the design, verification and production of key components. Accordingly, domestic carmakers are determined to improve the design and testing standards of power battery products.

    As an independent testing and inspection service provider, TÜV Rheinland provides clients with outstanding battery product testing services based on ISO 12405-2, in addition to guidance and training on the standard.

    Basic facts

    ClientFAW New Energy subsidiary
    TimeframeOngoing since December 2013
    Project locationChangchun, China
    Main services
    • Performance testing of power battery packs
    • Training on the power battery pack testing standard
    Relevant regulations/ standardsISO 12405-2

    Initial situation and requirements

    The FAW New Energy subsidiary is a newly established new energy vehicle manufacturer that specialises in the manufacture and production of passenger cars. It needs to test and verify the products provided by power battery pack suppliers.

  • TUV Rheinland will help them provide test report according to ISO 12405-2 and provide the relevant technical training.

    Solutions, results

    TUV Rheinland will not only provide test report for the performance of power battery pack, but also offer guidance and standards of battery test to clients so as to strengthen their understanding on the performance test standard of battery pack.

    Benefits for the client

    We can help our clients:

    • Verify the performance test results of power battery pack provided by supplier
    • Understand the testing process for the performance of power battery pack
    • Enhance their understanding on the standard of power battery pack performance test
    • Lay a foundation for the establishment of enterprise test standard

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