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Assessment for Ming Yang Wind Turbine Design

  • Basic facts

    ClientMing Yang Wind Power Group Limited
    TimeframeJune- September 2015
    Project locationChina
    Main servicesWind turbine design assessment
    Involved regulations/standardsInternational standard IEC 61400-22

    In 2015, the Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited created a new wind turbine design. Before the erection of the new MY2.0-121 model in China and India, the client turned to TÜV Rheinland to certify the wind turbine design.

    Initial situation and requirements

    Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited is China’s largest private wind turbine manufacturer. TÜV Rheinland was chosen to provide type certification of the new Ming Yang 2.0 MW wind turbine because of their joint certification scheme with China General Certification Center (CGC). Experts from TÜV Rheinland Industrial Services in Germany conducted the services, while TÜV Rheinland Shanghai took the role of local project management and communicator.

    Solutions, results

    Design assessment of new wind turbine models is required to ensure the safe installation and operation of the turbines in accordance with the design documentation. In the certification process, TÜV Rheinland experts confirmed that the wind turbine type was designed, documented and manufactured in compliance with design specifications and technical requirements and in accordance with the IEC61400-22:2010 and IEC61400-1:1999 standards.

    Eight experts worked on the design assessment part of the project. The translation and the need for project coordination and documentation to be in both the Chinese and English languages posed a major project challenge. Extensive expertise and experience allowed for the successful management of the situation.

    The cooperation between TÜV Rheinland and CGC, enabled our experts to test for and ultimately offer two certificates to Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited simultaneously: one certification specifically for the Chinese market (GB Standards) and one for international markets (IEC 61400-22 standard). The joint certification with CGC provided competitive advantage in shortened lead times, substantially optimized processes and minimized service costs.

  • Benefits for the client

    TÜV Rheinland supported Ming Yang by providing:

    •    Design assessment and detailed evaluation of all technical aspects of the wind turbine with regard to compliance with the applicable IEC standards.
    •    Shortening of time-to-market for production approval for two markets.
    •    Optimization of the certification process and thus the minimization of costs.

    Did you know

    The MY2.0-121 turbine has a rotor diameter of 121m and will be available with two different hub heights, 85m and 90m.

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